We Finally Have Undeniable Proof That Cats Are Liquid!

Cats are pretty interesting creatures – they’re definitely the quirkiest pet you can have. They have funny and distinct personalities and amazing talents. They can fit their body like their body is made of liquid into almost any container you can think of.

Vases, boxes, laundry baskets and sinks are perfect for cats, even if you think they can’t fit inside. No matter how funny they look, cats just love squeezing into tight spaces and it’s sometimes pretty funny to look at.

Here are 15 picture that show cats are made of liquid:

1. A new type of flower!

This guy thought that a flower pot is a great place to chill and we have to agree.

2. A basket of…flour?!


Take a look at this cat – she entered a flour basket and fit right in! You may have thought it’s a basket full of white flour, but if you look closely, you can see that’s not the case. Imagine the surprise of the owner when he saw his cat inside the basket!

3. A liquid cat!

Yes, the cat may look like it’s terrified, but that’s actually her relaxed state. It seems that comfort has a different meaning to cats and humans.

4. “A glass of cat-ernet, sir?”

Take a look at this cat – we’re amazed to see it fit perfectly into the wine glass!

5. Is that a cat melting on the sidewalk?

This pic looks like a cat melted on the sidewalk, yet the owner who took the picture says that it got up and moved away after a couple of minutes!

6. A kitty waterfall

Take a look at this guy! And you were wondering if cats are really made of liquid?!

7. A cup of cuteness

Awwwww. This tiny kitty got into a plastic cup and fell asleep and just looks so cute! Take a look at those paws!

8. An undeniable proof of cats’ liquid state

There it is – the proof we’ve all been looking for! Liquids have no shape and can fit any container, just like cats.

9. A jar of purr-etzels

Who doesn’t like pretzels? Or in this case purr-etzels?

10. What the hell?!

Yes, we looked at the picture a few times as well. How the hell did the cat fit in this vase and pose?!

11. Stuck?

We’re not exactly sure how the cat got itself in this container, but we love it!

12. An overflowing sink!

This cat has become one with the sink and is wondering why the hell is her owner staring at her.

13. “Honey, I think the cat is melting!”

Another pic of a melting cat! However, she looks pretty comfortable, so we guess it’s not a big problem.

14. “Get the hell out of here human!”

A cup of cat-uccino anyone?

15. “I told you we could both fit in here!”

Take a look at the pic again – yes, there are two cats in the vase. Why, you ask? Because they can.