WATCH: ‘Animal Whisperer’ Cat Forms an Unlikely Friendship with Family of Deer!

NOVA SCOTIA – A Nova Scotia woman managed to capture video of her “animal whisperer” cat playing with some unlikely “friends” — a family of deer.

Corena Saunders posted a video to Facebook which shows her cat, Benoit, playing with the mother deer and twin fawns in her back yard.

Saunders explained that Benoit seems to have formed a particularly close bond with one of the female youngsters.

“The mama and her twin babies came up and Ben decided that he was going to play with the little girl again and they’re chasing each other around the backyard,” Saunders explained the CBC’s Mainstreet radio program.

Benoit and the deer can be seen touching one another many times in the video, and the cat even has both front paws upon the deer’s neck at one point.

Saunders explained that she has seen Benoit and the deer touch noses in a “kiss” during another visit.

She wrote on Facebook that the “animal whisperer” cat’s other very unlikely wildlife friends include red foxes, a pheasant, and even a skunk.