These Cats Know The Struggle Of Being Single

Being single while everyone around’s you getting engaged can be a struggle and these cats understand it pretty well. You can be sure that cats struggle with it just as much as us. Everyone goes through this phase in their life and it’s really challenging to see it through.

By the looks of it, we can learn a lot from cats about it.

1. Why is everyone getting engaged all of a sudden? I need someone to give me some company while I am still single.

2. Yes, I am single and I like it. Why do you worry so much about it? Don’t you have some work to do other than this!

3. You never ask me again about it. I will surely bite you next time and make you regret it.

4. Did you just say that someone is interested in me? Go ahead, tell me everything about him.

5. Why does everyone want to be just friends with me? Am I doing something wrong? How do all these stupid girls end up in relationships?

6. This kitty is just purrfect to be in a relationship with. You would just love it.

7. Sometimes you need to learn to be alone as well. After all, loving yourself is important as well. Have you tried doing that sometime? If not, you should definitely try it out sometime.

8. When all you got to do is stay in and spend all your free time alone. Yes, that’s how you do it.

9. When you got no one around and you are really sad. So you just go to sleep and handle it all alone.

10. You are trying to get in shape and look your best. So you just get to some exercise and show them that you don’t need anyone.