This Cat Got ‘Walled In’ During Building Work Until The Owner Heard Faint Meows ….

NORWAY – This is the awesome moment a cat is cut free after it was trapped inside a newly-built staircase for five hours.

The pet, who has been named Sverre, could be heard meowing in despair after his owner could not find him anywhere else in the house.

The video, however, which was filmed in Norway last week, had a happy ending as a neighbor with a drill helped to rescue Sverre from the accidental prison.

At the beginning of the clip the cat can be seen poking one of its paws through a little hole in the wooden boards underneath the stairs.

A man can then be seen using a hammer as he tries to make a space large enough for the terrified pet to crawl through.

As pieces of wood are carefully shaved away to make enough room the whole of Sverre’s head is seen poking out from under the staircase as he looks for a way out.

After about 45 minutes of trying Sverre was eventually freed and her owner said he was ‘very cozy’ after getting out.

The woman who went ahead and filmed the video said her children, seven-year-old Mikkel and four-year-old Julie, were just as scared as the cat after they realized what was happening.

She called on a neighbor who actually had a drill to come over and help extract Sverre from his predicament.

The woman stated: ‘I came home from work happy to see that the stairs inside were finally finished. After a short while, we started to look for our cat.

‘After we moved he doesn’t like being outside, so I was sure he was indoors. I called his name ‘Sverre’ many times and after a while heard a weak meow.

‘It was very difficult to open the planks, as it was very solid built steps.

‘He was in there for five hours, so I could have ended very differently. So glad he replied when I called his name!

‘He must have gone to check out the area under the stairs when the carpenter was outside to cut the planks for the stairs.’

Just – WOW!