Frightened Kittens Get Reunited with Their Mom Following Deadly Monsoon!

Just before a terrible monsoon hit Thailand, a scared cat left her little babies in an empty water tank. She probably believed that hid her kittens would be safe in there, but she was terribly wrong.

If no one had been around to get them out of there in time, the saved kittens would have probably drowned.

Two men just so happened to be walking around the flooded streets when they heard some really loud cries. Luckily, they spotted the two kittens in water tanks which were slowly filling up with water.

One of the men heroically decided to climb inside in order to save the little babies. Once the kittens were out and safe they were still completely frightened and soaking wet.

All thanks to these two kindhearted guys the kittens were safe and alive.

In the end the lucky feline family was indeed reunited. Now with their mother by their side, these kittens were once again able to feel loved and safe.

Be sure to watch the amazing video just below!