These Cats Are Doing Dumb Stuff Without Realizing It!

Cats are always busy – they are either hunting flies in our home or planning their next adventure outside. Sometimes, they do silly stuff without being aware of it and they’re so busy at it that they’re not aware we’re watching them. They are, however, dedicated to their goals. This may get them in trouble sometimes but watching them doing stupid things is just too fun to pass up.

Here are 10 cats unaware of how silly they are:

1. So he thought he would make it, but now he is stuck.

2. What will you do with that hat? The kitty has some fashion sense, but we are not sure how good it is.

3. This one can’t stop adoring herself. All she knows is that she is pretty.

4. He almost made it before he realized that it was just a trap.

5. This kitty got all the Ninja moves right!

6. Am I invisible or are you just ignoring me?

7. I will sit the way I want. Who are you to judge!

8. Someone please help me get up. Only if I haven’t ate that much.

9. This kitty hasn’t been more proud ever before.

10. We just caught the one behind all the thefts. The kitty wished that those tiny paws were invisible.