This Cute Kitten Is A Huge Fighter Who Escaped The Claws Of Death Twice!

Allie is a miracle kitty who overcame all odds after being born with a deformity. The cute kitten is a fighter who was never going to let the deformity stop it and has managed to get through two difficult surgeries when no one gave it any chances.

A while back, Samantha Cox from the Fox Foster Kittens Center in Florida saved a few pregnant cats who were in a bad shape. One of those cats have birth to a litter which included Allie.

Everything was well in the beginning – the kittens seemed to be growing, but as the other become bigger, Allie stayed tiny. After an examination, the vets discovered that the unfortunate kitty suffered from a condition called pectus excavatum, in which the breastbone sinks to the chest.

The vet said that this was the worst pectus excavatum that he ever faced. He could’ve operated it, but only if Allie was bigger. The breastbone was crushing Allie’s organs and the vet wasn’t hopeful. After a while, even breathing became tough for Allie.

Kittens usually outgrow this defect after a while, but Allie’s condition required a surgery.

Despite the odds, the kitty survived the first 24 hours after the surgery and was meowing the next day.

Samantha says that Allie has a great personality and loves the attention.

However, a week later, the kitten had trouble breathing again. The stiches came out and she needed an immediate surgery. The odds were even lower this time around, but Allie managed to beat them!

She needs to wear a cast for about 6 weeks, but considering her fighting spirit, the vets are now sure that Allie should live a healthy and happy life. Way to go, kitty!