This Sweet Duo Is Looking for a New Forever Home for Ages

Take a look at Posh and Kiki. The two have been inseparable friends for the past 2 years, patiently waiting for someone to adopt them. Posh is a 10-year old cat, while Kiki is 12. Their age is the main reason why they’ve been rejected for adoption dozens of times.

Posh and Kiki were brought in to the RSPCA after their owner couldn’t care for them anymore. The two are always together, cuddling in one corner of the shelter or another. Kiki and Posh are the cutest cats you’ll ever meet, yet they still can’t find a new forever home.

That’s why we wrote this article. We’re hoping that it can help Kiki and Posh get finally adopted. They don’t need anything more than a few spots where they can relax. If you’re interested, you can find them at the RSPCA Kidderminster and District branch.

The friendly cats deserve a warm home – can you provide them with it?