Three Blind Kittens Overlooked for Adoption, Until One Woman Seizes the Chance to Rescue Them

The Struggle of Three Blind Kittens

Three blind kittens were facing a life without love and protection until a compassionate woman stepped in to change their destiny. These feline siblings formed an unbreakable bond due to their shared blindness, making it impossible to separate them.

3 blind cats

Discovered in a Warehouse in Dubai

The kittens were found in a warehouse in Dubai, living in terrible conditions. Their strong bond has been their comfort and support through their difficult past. Unfortunately, they lost their sight due to the lack of timely eye treatment. Thankfully, they were rescued, but their journey was far from over. Blue, the only male, was temporarily placed in foster care, but he struggled being away from his beloved sisters, Meadow and Little Willow.

blind cats on sofa

A Tearful Reunion and a Chance for Adoption

Unable to bear the separation, Blue was soon reunited with his sisters, and his happiness was restored. The person who found them couldn’t keep all three, so they were put up for adoption. That’s when Magno, their soon-to-be adoptive mother, stepped in. Upon learning about the three kittens, she couldn’t bear the thought of separating them and decided to adopt them all.

blind cat with human

Facing Health Challenges and Surgery

When Magno brought them home, their eyes were in terrible shape: swollen and severely infected. They needed surgery to remove their eyes permanently, and Magno ensured they received the necessary medical care. Post-surgery, Meadow was initially antisocial, while Blue, the oldest, was more curious. Little Willow, the brave one, would cry if she couldn’t sense anyone nearby.

blind cat with teddy bear

Adapting to Their New Life and Home

The trio gradually learned to navigate their new home using their other senses, and Magno became increasingly impressed by their intelligence. Willow loves human touch and follows Magno around the house as she gets ready for work, while Blue has heightened senses and is very close to Meadow.

blind cats kiss

Living a Happy Life Together

Now 19 months old, the three kittens are enjoying life as a loving family in their new home. It’s heartbreaking that some people continue to abandon animals, especially in the case of these three siblings. No animal deserves such cruelty; they are vulnerable beings who need protection and care. Thankfully, there are heroes like Magno who are willing to rescue and provide a loving family for those who have endured a difficult life.

love of blind cats

Raising Awareness Through Social Media

Magno shares the kittens’ journey on their Facebook page, Three Blind Cats, captivating hundreds of people who have become fans of the trio. By sharing their story, Magno raises awareness about the challenges faced by animals with disabilities and the incredible difference that love, care, and support can make in their lives.