“Who Threw My Cat in Front of a Car”? Cat Owner’s Anger After Cat Throw into Traffic!

ENGLAND – A pet-lover who lives in Hull says she is angry and shocked that a stranger apparently picked up her beloved cat and threw it in front of a passing car.

Krissi Thrustle, who lives off Holderness Road, which is in east Hull, went out to search for her cat, whose name was Taz, when she returned home from work in the early hours of Saturday morning. But instead of finding her 12-year-old kitty, she was told that Taz had been killed by a man outside East Hull Baths.

“I work late and my husband doesn’t finish till late on a Friday night as well,” stated Mrs Thrustle, who also has three cats and three dogs. “My friend had texted me to say he was also out looking for his cat and he came across a lady a the side of the road.


“She was sat crying her eyes out apparently and had covered my cat up. She said someone had picked Taz up and thrown him in front of a car.”

The woman, who was there and witnessed the incident, stated the culprit was wearing a blue hoodie. Taz is believed to have died almost instantly.

Mrs Thrustle went on to say: “When I heard what happened, I was more angry than anything else.


“I have had a lot of messages from friends and family and a lot of them are angry as well. They can’t believe that could happen, and have said how upsetting it is and that they are hoping to find him.

“We have had Taz ever since he was 10 weeks old. We have moved all over and Taz has lived all over so he is pretty street-sassy so would have known not to have gone near the road”.

In the wake of the killing, the Hull branch of the RSPCA is now warning other cat-owners to be on alert. Mrs Thrustle explaind she had reported the incident and was hoping a nearby CCTV camera would have recorded it.

She stated: “I don’t understand people who can do that, though. I’m hoping the cameras will pick him up and we will find who did this to my cat.”

The attack took place near East Hull Baths.

The attack took place near East Hull Baths.

Mrs Thrustle said she that wantsd other cat-owners to be watchful in future. She stated: “I’ve got a lot of pets and I am not an irresponsible pet owner; I always keep them in at night but was late coming back from work.

“I wouldn’t say keep them in at all times because I don’t agree with that, but just to keep an eye out.

“I’m thinking that bloke is going to brag about it because people who do those things usually do, and hopefully one of the people who brag him to will realise it’s not right.”