New York Office Cat Who’s Been Adopted Several Times Needs a Forever Home!

UPPER EAST SIDE, NEW YORK — An 11-year-old cat who’s been “helping” out at the ASPCA office now ready looking to retire.

For the past two months or so, Anderson, a cream and white shorthair, has made his home at the East 92nd Street office, as part of the nonprofit’s office foster program.

He’s like a lot of us in the workforce — he’s got high blood pressure but has a soft spot for sushi, or rather, his favorite toy is a plush with pictures of sushi on it.

“I think of him as my ideal senior ‘kitten,'” stated Jody Salbo, Anderson’s human office companion and the ASPCA’s Adoption Center director of business management and operations.

Anderson has had quite a rough past, according to the ASPCA. He was initially brought to the organization back in May 2007, but over the course of the last nine years, he’s passed through several homes, only to be sent back each time because his adopters moved or weren’t able to take care of him. He recently came back in February.

“He’s very versatile and can adapt to new situations with ease,” Salbo stated.

Anderson is a mush, who doesn’t mind Salbo holding and walking around the office with him at all, she explained.

He also loves toys, especially the ones that are soft that he can hold onto with his front paws and kick with his back paws like his sushi toy, which absolutely must go with him to his forever home.

“He loves it that much,” Salbo stated. “Anderson is really food motivated as well. I’ve even taught him how to sit for his treats. His curiosity sometimes leads him to try to explore outside my office by slipping past the staff and going to visit everyone on the floor. For this he’s earned a reputation as an escape artist.”

The feline’s high blood pressure, which has developed over the years, is very much under control with an inexpensive, easily obtained medication that he takes by mouth twice a day, the spokeswoman went on to explain.

“I’ve really loved spending time with him and look forward to Anderson greeting me each day,” she concluded. “I’ll certainly miss him when he’s gone but can’t wait for him to find a stable, loving home.”

For more information on how YOU can adopt Anderson, call 212-876-7700, ext. 4120.