Man Masterfully Demonstrates How To Put On A Sweater Without Disturbing Your Cat

Anyone who has experience with cats already knows they like to set the rules in a relationship. So, what’s the number one rule by far? They are able to do the disturbing – NOT you.

In other words, if a cat wants to sit on your shoulders while you’re trying to get changed, well, you better find some way of doing it without bothering the cat in any way. As you would probably imagine, that’s not always the easiest proposition. However, cats will always be cats.

Luckily, one cat lover has offered to produce a short, easy-to-follow guide for even the most hapless of humans to slip into a sweater without invoking any feline fury. In the cute video below, Roger Brawn demonstrates “how to put on your jumper without unduly disturbing the cat around your neck.”

Brawn reminds us of another important way cats can contribute to our comfort.

“In these energy-conscious times,” he states in the video, “more and more people should consider having a cat draped around their neck.

In this way, you can keep warm while doing garden jobs, mowing the lawn, sitting at your desk, or playing the guitar.”

Check out the adorable clip right here!

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