Cat Mistakenly Shipped More Than 700 Miles From Home After Sneaking Into Box

Baloo is a curious cat who recently made headlines after being shipped more than 700 miles away from his Nova Scotia home. Wondering how? Well, Baloo jumped into a parcel destined for Alberta, but this time, curiosity didn’t kill the cat.

Jacqueline Lake, Baloo’s owner, says that her pet mistakenly sneaked into the bottom of a parcel she was to send to Alberta. After the parcel was sent away, she couldn’t find the cat anywhere and thought she ran away. She was quite relieved when a delivery driver from Alberta called her after discovering the cat during his trip.

Baloo’s owners were tracked down thanks to a local shelter. He was returned to Jacqueline safe and sound not long after, and she was relieved to be reunited with her pet. What a funny story!