UPDATE – Kitten Who Was Abused by Boy in Abilene Texas is Returned to Her Owner!


ABILENE, TEXAS -The kitten who was rescued from a creek after she was abused on Monday by a young teen at a south Abilene apartment complex, has finally been reunited with her owners.

The owners of the kitten, whose name is Kit-Kat, saw the story about their pet’s abuse late Monday afternoon. They immediately went to the AM Farmers Sanctuary Tuesday to pick her up and take her home. According to staff at the facility, they were very happy and relieved to have their pet back.

The two other kittens who were rescued from the same apartment complex are now residing with a foster family. AM Farmer Sanctuary staff told KTXS that the kittens were malnourished, bruised, and both had concussions.

Due to their injuries, their vet bills are extensive and the foster family is in need of help.

If you would like to help them, you can call Dearing Veterinary Clinic at 325-698-3090.

There is still no word whether or not there will be any charges filed against the boy.