Ten Day Old Black Kitty and Her Amazing Will to Live!

She wasn’t even two weeks old and quite honestly, nobody expected this adorable wee one would even survive! That first night, everyone surely had their fingers crossed! Her eyes weren’t even opened yet.

This adorable little fighter did indeed make it through the first night, then the second one, and then the third one!


“Bobby came to us on January 15th (we originally thought she was a he). Mom cat is feral and rejected her kitten Bobby. Because of all the fleas, she was so anemic, her gums were white and her little tongue was gray,” Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter told Love Meow.

The staff did everything they could to not only get her through the night .. but get her though!

“Shelter vet staff got fleas removed. Her foster mom fed her around the clock and she carries little tiny ones like Bobby around in her bra to keep them extra warm!! Given their little claws, we know how dedicated she is!”

2-min (Surviving her very fist night at the shelter was the biggest challenge but it was all uphill from there!)

“She is still having a hard time packing on the weight and regulating her body temperature but she’s a little fighter and getting stronger every day. Her foster family is spoiling her with good love and plenty of food.”


Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

What this wee one of a survivor doesn’t yet have is a loving forever home!.

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