Volunteer Firefighter Who Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

A tiny kitten trapped in a house fire was saved by a young man who later, decided to be his forever human.

“On October 15, 2015, a 3-week old stray kitten was rescued from a fire by my brother and other local firefighters. The kitten, now named Logi for the Norse fire giant, was treated by EMS with oxygen at the scene, and was then rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital,” Beth Smalley said via Gofundme.

“We’re actually pulling debris and garbage out of the fire and heard meowing underneath a shelf,” Stroud Township Volunteer Firefighter Matthew Smalley told wnep.com.

“I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it at that point so I was attached right at the start. I was excited every day to go visit him and hold him and everything else and I knew I couldn’t get rid of him.”

Matthew adopted the little black kitty with one ear and helped him get better.


Little Logi may have lost his right ear from the fire but what he found instead is something even more wonderful, a loving forever home!

“Logi is getting more and more adventurous, and has now learned how to climb onto the couches and get across furniture.”

This heroic man not only saved a life, he gave a kitty a new chance at life.



Source: lovemeow.com