Watch Didga Do 20 Tricks in Just Sixty Seconds – A New Guinness Record!

Didga has just set the Guinness World Record for the most tricks done by a cat in sixty seconds.

She has recently managed to successfully complete 20 tricks in just one minute!

Didga, which is short for Didgeridoo (no surprise she lives in New South Wales, Australia) has already won internet fame for her prowess on the skateboard. She’s one cool cat.

Didga and Dollwet have been training since she was first adopted from a shelter—yes, this extraordinary cat started life like so many others. Dollwet went on to explain to Guinness that their training mimics things a cat might naturally do to capture its prey in the wild and has a similar outcome—Didga gets rewarded with her favorite treat, raw kangaroo mince. Yum!

Dollwet noted that his great admiration for his beloved pet: “I knew she was special but now, with the record, I think that she’s just unbelievably special and I’m just so proud of her.”

Since the time of the initial visit and video recording for the Guinness World Record, Didga has bested herself by completing a total of 24 tricks in under a minute. She is surely one skilled feline.

Congratulations, Didga!

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