Watch Guy Save Falling Cat Using Only His Backpack

In the last few years, people have turned more sympathetic towards animals and their condition. There are many people willing to volunteer at shelters and help the animals in need. The video we have for you below is another proof that there are people with a heart left on Earth.

The man you can see in the video bravely saved a cat’s life. He did it with the help of his backpack, using his smarts to become an overnight Internet sensation! The kitty was hanging from a wire and panicking – if it fell down to the ground, there’s definitely no doubt it wouldn’t survive. However, she was lucky the man was nearby.

Natalia Kompan caught the whole thing on video. The man stood right beneath the kitty and instantly opened his backpack hoping that the cat would fall right in. The trusted the kitty and his backpack and luckily, everything went better than expected.

Watch the hero in action below: