This Hilarious Short Film Shows The Struggles Of Taking A Cat To The Vet!

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know how difficult it can be to take it to the vet. There’s really no kitten that loves going to the doctor. In fact, they will do anything to get out of this tough trip. If the cat tries escaping your car, good luck bringing it back to the carrier. Even if you do it, there’s a great chance the kitten would just escape again. Plus, there’s the real danger of the cat harming the vet as soon as she steps out of the carrier. Taking your cat to the vet can really be a horrible experience.

This is exactly the reason why Simon Tofield, a British animator released a short video which perfectly indicates the obstacles cat owners need to cross just to get their kitten to the vet.

The short film is recommended for any cat owner. Tofield received the Best British Animation aware at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2016, which shows how good the film is. Check it out below: