Watch a Kitten Get Rescued After Becoming Stuck in a Sunflower! – VIDEO!

This time curiosity almost did indeed kill the cat.

If you’ve ever wondered just what it looks like when an adorable animal lodges itself in a flower, then this video is for you. This cat is quite literally hanging out. Who in the world would have thought two icons of innocence—sunflowers and kittens—could combine to cause such trouble?

To make matters even worse for our poor feline friend, a human just had to come by and videotape it during what is probably the most embarrassing moment in its young life. “Hey, kitty,” he asks, “are you aware that you’re up in a sunflower?”

“Meow,” responds the tiny cat, who seems unamused but conveying a deep sense of shame.Mercifully, the videographer does come to the rescue, lifting the adorable creature from its floral prison and sharing this footage online for our collective amusement.