They Brought Happiness Back to 8 Year Old Shelter Cat who Just Wanted to be Loved

This 8-year-old shelter cat with matted fur was very unhappy but then everything changed after a kind woman got him out of the cage and gave him the help he needed.

Booger is 8 years old and weights in at about 30 lbs. He was surrendered to the shelter with his fur extremely matted. He wasn’t able to find a home because he was very unhappy, but who would be happy going from a home to a cage? And then having the matted fur just adding insult to injury? No way!

Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League rescued the gigantic kitty from the shelter and brought him into her care.

“It took us about an hour to shave him, and we shaved off about a pound of matts of his big ol’ belly,” she told the people at Love Meow.

Weighing in almost 30lbs, Booger is now on a strict diet to help him slim down to a healthier weight and happier self.

Right after removing all the matts, Booger looked like a new kitty. He gave Karyn cuddles and didn’t want to stop purring.

They believe that Booger is a Maine Coon cat or part Maine Coon. Besides his fluffiness, he has the disposition of a Maine Coon.

“He loves to rub on feet. He’s kind of like the ottoman from Beauty and the Beast – he follows you around until you sit down, then he gets under your feet and demands belly rubs!”

“He’s down a little over a pound right now… He doesn’t do tricks for treats, he just sits there and stares at you until you inevitably give up and give him the treat anyway.”

Now that the weather is getting colder over in Texas, they give him sweaters to wear until his beautiful coat grows back to its glorious form.

With just a little bit of TLC, they have brought happiness back to Booger’s life!

Booger will go up for adoption once he weighs less than 20lbs.

Source: KittyAdventureRescue