Will and Grace – Two Kittens Used as Bait For Dog Fights – and the Bittersweet Recovery!

CALIFORNIA – Edejer has seen thousands of abandoned kittens in the past. However, very few like these.

The two little tabbies that were dropped off in horrible shape on Oct. 13 were nicknamed Will and Grace by her staff.

“Apparently these kittens were being used as pit bull bait,” she stated. “So the kittens had their legs bound with rubber bands because they want their dogs to learn to fight and kill, but not be damaged by the kittens. So the kittens have no way to protect themselves. So they can’t run and they can’t fight and they can’t bite.”

Both kittens had extreme damage to their legs. And despite efforts to nurse them back to health, Grace didn’t survive and had to be euthanized due to a severe gangrene infection.

“I’ve been in it for years and have never have seen anything like this,” stated Ruby Waderich, who is with the nonprofit rescue group Solano County Friends of Animals.

She went on to explain that what happened to Will and Grace is, unfortunately, not that rare.

“We’ve had them come in with bites and chews and, you know, but not with the feet the way they are,” Waderich stated.

Now, the new focus is on Will and on his path to recovery.

And while his future looks as though it will be good, Edejer wants to make sure people with unwanted animals understand just what could happen if they end up in the wrong hands.

“So for everybody who puts your free kittens on classified, or on Craigslist or online,” she stated. “Know where these kittens are going, where they’re ending up.”

Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services is currently investigating this case of abuse and are trying to locate the woman who dropped off the kittens and to uncover any illegal dog fighting rings in the area.

Anyone who may have information about this case or any case of animal cruelty is urged to call Solano Co. Animal Control at 707-784-4735.

Solano County Friends of Animals is seeking donations to help pay for Will’s treatment and care. To make a donation, go to the group’s GoFundMe page, or you can mail contributions to P.O. Box 235, Benicia, 94510. Email: Retiredruby@comcast.com

And when Will is healthy and strong in about two months, the little guy will then be available for adoption.