Woman Finds Note in Collar Revealing Her Cat’s Secret Life

Pixi the cat lives out in Mexico. Mary is his human. Mary Mary began to believe that her cat may have also been spending time with another family. One day, he came home, he was wearing a different collar. To make a long story a little shorter, Mary went ahead and wrote a short note explaining that she believed the cat had two families and placed the note it in Pixi’s collar. The note stated: “My name is Pixi and I think I have two homes!”

It wasn’t long at all before Pixi slipped away once again as he usually does – completely unaware that this time, on account of the note, that his elaborate mystery was just about to unravel.

When Pixi finally did return home, he had another note in his collar responding: “Here he is called Huarache, it appears that he does have two homes…haha. Greetings!”

Despite pretty much cheated on by her own cat, Mary wasn’t angry or upset and the apparent duel life endures to this day!