Cute Cat Beats the Japanese Summer Heat by Chilling Out Inside a Watermelon!

JAPAN – The summer sounds and the relaxed kitty in this video clip make this one of the most calming clips we’ve ever seen!

One of the best things about summer is tucking into a large, cold watermelon. For one Japanese kitty, however, it’s not so much about the eating. It’s more about the sitting that makes the fruit so appealing when the temperature starts rising!

Looking adorably relaxed in a very snug space, this clip of the chill kitty captures all the beauty of a slow-moving summer day in the Japanese countryside. Prepare to relax as you watch the tabby’s gently flicking tail mesmerises you into a deep sense of zen-like calm.

The cat with the watermelon hat is totally gorgeous on its own, but the clip becomes even more enchanting when combined with the beautiful cats quietly grooming each other in the background, along with the dappled sunlight and the distant sound of a cawing crow.

The video clip, which comes from the Kagoneko Blog channel, is just one in an entire series of “Cat with Watermelon” videos posted during summer 2016. Previously, they have uploaded an equally adorable video of the cute tabby, this time using the round fruit as a cool backrest for a cat nap.

Hailing from rural Kagoshima, the cats have starred in a very large number of videos over time, making people smile around the world with their talent for relaxing, usually while balancing things on their paws and heads.

To take a stroll through their adorable daily lives and see what they’ve been up to, you can check out their blog or their YouTube channel.

We will warn you, though – with so many adorable relaxing videos to watch, it will be hard to tear yourself away from the screen!