10+ Cats Who Exactly Know How To Gain Attention

Cats are truly the most possessive kind of animals. Those who are cat people know the consequences of ignoring their cats. Your pet simply will allow you to do your daily routine if they have this feeling that you are not giving them their desired expected attention.

Scroll down to check out these cats who were not getting the proper attention they desired, and so, they decided to do it on their own.

Some of these kitties are pretty crazy!

#1 She won’t let you do your work unless you talk to her first.

#2 “You wanna play with me?”

#3 “I am noticing the ignorance.”

#4 “You ain’t watching the TV tonight unless you talk to me first.”

#5 “Don’t pretend to be sleeping when you are not.”

#6 “You’ll remain thirsty unless I get my attention.”

#7 “I am not leaving you even when you are busy.”

#8 “See I can perform in circus too.”

#9 “If you can’t give me attention then just cook me and eat me up.”

#10 “I can be your wiper if need be.”

#11 “You thought you left me at home?”

#12 “I will watch the door while you make out.”

#13 “Keep me in your favorite folder.”

#14 “You love mouse but not me?”