Instagram Cat Video of Sansa Taking A Bath Following A Little ‘Poop Explosion’ Goes Viral!

SANSA the full-time fluff ball seems to have become an overnight internet sensation after her foster mum posted a video online of her taking a bath.

Amber Nadinic took in three-week-old long-haired kitten named Sansa and her three siblings to nurse them to health after they were abandoned by their mother.

However, after Sansa had a “poop explosion” while she transitioned on to solid foods, Ms. Nadinic decided to shoot the kitty having a bath, then brushing her hair — with a toothbrush.

And the result? The internet simply can’t get enough of this cat video.

“The dear little love was covered in it head to toe, so into the bathroom vanity she went to get all the kitten poop off her,” Ms. Nadinic stated.

“With kittens, you also have to make sure they’re very dry afterwards, because they get sick very quickly, hence the hair dryer and the toothbrush for the long-haired kitty cat.”

Ms. Nadinic has been fostering kittens for a year or so with Pet’s Haven, and runs Instagram account @kitty_fostering_oz with updates on her foster fur babies.

She uploads videos and photos in the hopes that they teach others about how fun and rewarding fostering can be.