10+ Brutal Life Truths Explained By Cute Cats Will Give You Mixed Feelings

Many facts about our very lives (like the lack of control over it and the inevitable death afterwards), are difficult to swallow, so it’s best you learn about them from somebody who’s soft and fluffy.

Luckily for everyone now, there’s a tumblr which is completely dedicated to using cats to deliver heavy information. The title of it is Hard Truths From Soft Cats, and it helps to carry the burden of existence.

Some of these messages are objectively true and a few are subjectively false but the collection of these images can be described as a healthy introduction to pessimism. American philosopher and psychologist William James came up with this equation: happiness = expectations / reality. According to it, there are two ways by which you can live a happier life – change reality, or change expectations. Pessimists reduce the expectations and so, they prepare themselves for the worst by reducing tension and shielding from disappointment.

However, you should never think of them as grim – they can easily fill the gap between what should be and what is with laughter. And that is precisely what these illustrations do!

Source: tumblr │ via: www.boredpanda.com