13 Hilarious Samples of Cats Hiding in the Most Random Places!

Pam Johnson-Bennett, who is a cat behavior specialist, explains that even the boldest, most confident of cats need to spend at least some of their time in the shadows occasionally, as it helps them feel less trapped and stressed. So when your cat doesn’t have a designated hiding place, then may “improvise”.

These hiding spots are just hilarious!

Hopefully, you won’t need your rain boot today!

Clothes drawers may be fairly average as far as hiding places go. This kitty might be feeling a little embarrassed at having been caught in such a standard spot.

Now this would surely make for a really good prank in a bar.

That just looks like a lot of fun. Don’t you ever just wish you were the size of a paper towel roll?

“Don’t mind me here. I’m just chillin’ out.”

Food and a hiding place at the same time. What could be more purr-fect?

This cat has musical inclinations!

This wee one doesn’t even realize that a clear jar might not be the best place to keep out of sight.

Not sure that’s really much of a hiding spot at this point. However, whatever floats your boat!

This one doesn’t even seem to be trying.

“You never saw me. Just close this cabinet and walk away.”

Someone might have to explain this one.

No matter what our cats do, they’ll always be the most adorable thing in the house.

Did you enjoy these as much as we did?