Fire Rescue Goes Above and Beyond to Save Cat Stuck in Sewer Cover! – VIDEO!

FLORIDA – A cat who lives in Lauderdale Lakes proved it really did have nine lives when a fire rescue crew took it upon themselves to go above and beyond to make sure it was saved.

According to Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, officials received a few reports of a cat with its paw stuck in a sewer cover along the 3500 block of Northwest 39th Street, on Thursday afternoon.

When the fire rescue team attempted to free its paw from the metal cover, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

“Our crews spent about 30 minutes on scene using hand tools,” Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Sheriff Jon O’Brien stated. “The cat was in poor shape.”

Despite this dilemma, the team never gave up, and immediately transported the cat to Imperial Point Animal Hospital in Oakland Park — with its paw yet attached to the plate.

There, he was sedated while veterinarians cut very precisely around his arm.

“The kitten’s paw was in there up to his shoulder,” BSO deputy Mike Jachles stated. “They just gingerly cut with a circular saw and hacksaw, and they did what firefighters do: they improvised.”

“We don’t know how long he was in there,” stated Dr. Lara Wiseman, of Imperial Point Animal Hospital. “But because it was so swollen, he couldn’t break back out.”

Thankfully, the surgery was a complete success and the cat only had a wound around its paw.

“We have decided to name him Captain,” Wiseman stated. “Hopefully, will be looking for a home.”

Once Captain is vaccinated and microchipped, he will then be put up for adoption.