15 Absolutely Hilarious Pictures of Cat Logic!

Cats truly have their own ways of thinking! if you have a cat, then you already know this statement to be true.

Our feline friends often do things in a way we just wouldn’t expect or even understand! And we already know you know what we are talking about!

Just take a glimpse at these 15 hilarious pictures of cat logic and see if you can relate!

1. “Maybe the door is open, but I insist on using my own purr-sonal entrance”!

2. “I will sit right here just like my human”!

3. “Some cats bring home mice or birds, but I bring home sponges”!

4. “I am a the master of stealth”!

5. “This is the best way to use my cat bed”!

6. “Well, it is a box, isn’t it”?

7. “Don’t worry, human, I’m just keeping your coffee warm”!

8. “Dinner always tastes better when I eat it sitting like this”!

9. “You told me never to sit on the keyboard”!

10. “The very best place to take a nap is on a dog”!

11. “A cup is always better than a bowl, even when I can’t fit my whole head into it”!

12. “But then again, upside down at a tap is the best way to drink”!

13. ‘I will always find the absolute warmest spot in the house”!

14. “And this is the purr-fect place for me to sit”!”

15. The ultimate in cat logic…

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