Watch Winnie the Foster Kitten Dance in Perfect Time to TECHNO Song!

This kitten may be young, but it’s clear she’s ready for a night out at the club!

This very cute pet has been filmed as she bops her head perfectly in time to techno music as she hangs out and chills in her living room on a red checkered blanket.

Winnie is one of six abandoned kittens that is being fostered by the same family, and luckily, they are only too happy to nurture her love for music.

In the footage below, she tips her head back and turns her head from side to side, keeping in time with the beat.

The effect is highly comical as she appears to somehow know just how to boogie with the techno tune.

She lies down at one point during the tune but as the beat picks up she soon rises to her feet and continues bobbing enthusiastically.

Just one of the highlights of her dancing performance is when the moggy lifts a paw up and pumps the air with it, just like some energized disco dancer.

Many viewers have loved the footage, which is believed to have been filmed somewhere in the United States, and was uploaded to Facebook by Shelter Cats and Kittens, which is a community which shares photos and videos of shelter cats and kittens in order to promote fostering and adoption.

‘This baby is so smart, full of rhythm, cute and precious!! Glad you posted; it’s a pleasure to watch!!! I love the song too,’ one stated of Winnie’s talents.

‘Too cute! Just sooo adorable. Had me laughing, encouraging her,’ another added.

Many others, however, have pointed out that it is far more likely that the cat is following a laser or some other kind of toy operated by their owner behind the camera.

One viewer noted: ‘Obviously done with some sort of cat toy…. but… she’s freaking adorable.’

‘Someone is waving an object over the kitty’s head. still cute,’ another announced.