The Story of Humph the Stray Cat Who Was Hit by a Car. And Now …

Humphries the cat had a difficult beginning to life, but with some love, a forever human and a comfortable home, he has totally transformed!

When Alan pmartin first met Humph, “I instantly spied a kindred spirit when he completely blanked me and went for the cupboard where the food was kept instead,” Alan said.

“Actually, his real name isn’t Humph. The vets had called him Alan, but I thought having the same name as my cat would look a bit narcissistic. We drew straws and he lost, so got renamed Mr Humphries. Or Humph to his friends.”

Humph had suffered from a trauma.

“He was a stray who was hit by a car. He had his jaw wired, stitches all up his stomach, a hairless patch on his side and a hernia operation. The vets gave him a 40% chance of survival, but he’s nothing if not a fighter,” Alan added.

“For the first three days I had him, he would’t come upstairs – he’d just watch on as I went up to bed, but now he tends to sleep on the bed with me. I’ll often wake up to his paw on my shoulder as if to say ‘it’s okay – it was just a dream, dude.’”

In the early days, Humph looked a bit nervous and uncomfortable and he had to wear the cone of shame to get treated.

Now, more than a year has passed.

Just look how handsome he’s become and how grateful he looks to be off the streets!

Photos by alanpmartin