2 Out of 4 Kittens Trapped in Tennessee Storm Drain, Rescued!

KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE – Two out of the four kittens that were trapped in a storm drain last week near the Baysmont campus of Asbury Place have still not been rescued .

However, the other two kittens were freed Wednesday morning after they were caught in a trap, and they are both doing well.

“(Tuesday) night, I couldn’t listen to the kittens crying anymore,” stated Caroline Blocker, a nearby resident. “We called the fire department and animal control, and then we called June Chard (of the FRANK Feline Rescue and No Kill organization), who does trapping as a community service. She is 73 years old, and she came at 7:30 at night with her husband to set the traps.”

Blocker stated that the two kittens that were rescued were the only kittens found when the trap was set.

She is still unsure what happened to the other two kittens, but she said she does not believe they would be able to get out of the storm drain by themselves. She said the storm drain runs under the entire Asbury subdivision, and so the other two kittens may now be trapped further inside.

Blocker went on to add that the kittens seemed frightened by movement and would hide when the drain grate was removed.

“That’s why the only thing that could be done is to trap them,” Blocker stated.

Blocker contacted someone to pick up the rescued kittens, which have since been named Storm and Rain. She also credits Chard and her husband Gil for rescuing them and hopes the others can also be found and rescued.

“She does it basically out of the goodness of her heart,” Blocker said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It just shows a lot of care.”