Stray Cat Brings Her Babies to a Woman Who Helped Her

Stray cats need all the help they can get, especially during winter and when they’re pregnant. Keep in mind that these cats are left all alone, and they can’t always take care of themselves. When pregnant, strays need to eat, and food is hard to come by. That’s why they’re so grateful for anyone who helps them with food and shelter.

Recently, a woman from Canada shared an incredible story about a stray who brought her kittens to her because she helped her before. Lisianne from Quebec once fed a cat that came to her garden and they soon became friends. When Usagi the cat became pregnant, she brought her litter to Lissiane and more help which she desperately needed.

Lisianne didn’t leave things like that. She put the kittens up for adoption, with 5 out of 6 having already found their new homes. The 6th one was adopted by Lisianne’s friend. Take a look at Usagi’s ‘gang’ – aren’t they the cutest kittens you’ve seen?