Cat who walked 12 miles back to family who then tried to euthanize him finds new home

People are cruel to animals – we already know that. However, there are some who are cruel with others. Recently, a family wanted to euthanize their cat of seven years who traveled a whopping twelve miles to get home just because they didn’t love him anymore! Toby the ginger found his way back home after 12 long miles, and his owners didn’t want him back. They made a call to euthanize him, but luckily, the staff at the shelter saw no needs for it. Instead, they made a call to an animal protection charity which took him in and gave him up for adoption.

It didn’t take long for Toby to find a new home.  He’s been adopted in a loving family and is getting along with everyone well. Toby’s new mum doesn’t understand why his previous owners wanted to put the cat down, yet she’s glad he got a second chance.

Toby is suffering from FIV or feline immunodeficiency virus. His immune system is permanently weakened, but cats can live long and healthy lives under therapy. They just need someone to care for them, and Toby’s owners were probably not keen on it. We’re just happy that Toby got a new family who loves him after doing something incredible in his state – walking back home for 12 miles.