Woman Adopts Sick Cat From Shelter— Returns One Week Later To Get Best Friend Too

Adopting a cat from a shelter is the best way of changing its life. Years can pass before someone adopts a kitty from a shelter, while it’s being overlooked solely on his looks or age. It takes a special person to adopt one cat, but a real angel to adopt two.

Luckily, such people exist. A few weeks ago, a lovely cat named Theo was up for adoption in the Purrfect Pals center after being treated for FIV – feline immunodeficiency virus. This condition decimates a cat’s immune system and makes the more prone to different kinds of infections.

Luckily, these cats can live a normal life with medications, but due to common misconceptions, cats suffering from FIV are certainly not the first cat in the mind of adopters.

Theo was adopted by a kind woman who didn’t let the condition affect her opinion on Theo. At the end of January, Theo was taken to his new home, and his humans are in love with him. Now, the 3-year old cat spends most of his time following his sister everywhere she goes.

During his time in the Purrfect Pals center, Theo was friends with another cat, and knowing this, Theo’s mum went back to the center a few weeks afterwards and brought the other cat home!

“I had to reunite them after learning how close Theo and Champ were,” she says. Now, Theo and Champ are spending much of their free time together running around the house, and everyone’s loving it.

As we already said, FIV cats are often overlooked due to the condition, but Theo was lucky to find such a loving mum who eventually adopted his best friends. This is another reminder that kind people exist in the world, and we need more of them now!