3 Kittens Go From Filthy and Scared to Healthy, Strong Cats – You Simply Won’t Believe the Transformation

When Imgur user Crunkthatlemon first heard about three abandoned kittens living in a coworkers garage, she was happy to give these two-week-old babies whatever help they needed.

The poor furbabies were filthy and covered in urine; their little eyes were barely open when she took them into her home. Taking care of three kittens certainly isn’t easy work, but the payback is pure love.

Cats don’t usually like water, however, these guys seemed to be doing pretty well after their first bath. Finally, all clean!

At just two weeks, they were way too young to be away from their mother, so she had to bottle feed all three of them every few hours.

Just look how small they are!

When you’re this tiny, there is safety in numbers. Look how they stick together while they explore their new home!

Teamwork is always the name of the game!

This looks like a wonderful place to sleep!

Soon, they were beginning to get a little bit bigger.

All of this growing up is hard work!

Soon, they were just old enough to find their furever homes. It is always bittersweet to see them go, however, knowing that they have found such great families feels awesome.

Luckily, these two live close enough so that she can still visit them. They are always thrilled to see her!

What an amazing group of kitties!

All image source: Crunkthatlemon/Flickr │ www.onegreenplanet.org