Horribly Abused Cat Discovered In Trash Can Now …

CANADA – About a year ago, a Red Deer resident was taking out the trash when she discovered a backpack in her garbage can. Inside the bag was a cat that had been seriously abused and left to die.

Since that time, the cat has been named Hiro and has undergone numerous surgeries for injuries, which included a broken hip and brain damage, while on the road to recovery.

On Wednesday, Alberta Animal Services were able to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Hiro’s rescue with a post and video on their Facebook page.

“Hiro’s case was one of the most devastating animal abuse cases Alberta Animal Services has seen,” the post states. “Together we got Hiro through hell and back. He spent 50 days in our care and against all odds he survived his injuries.

“We once again want to thank the amazing veterinary and nursing team at Dog & Cat Hospital Ltd., all of the donors and supporters of Hiro and of course his adopted parents who have given Hiro the best life possible. We couldn’t be Happier for Hiro!”

A “SuperHiro” rescue party is currently in the works to celebrate the little cat’s miraculous recovery. The party is scheduled to take place on June 17 in Red Deer.

via: globalnews.ca