Adorable Abandoned Kitten Is Now Gracing The World With Her Permanent ‘Blep’

When Winifred was first born, she was just about the size of a thumb. She was so teeny tiny that even her own mother rejected her and choose to focus on the other cats in the litter.

Winifred is considered a micro-kitten, and no one really expected her to survive. She was half the size of a normal kitten. She was brought over to a clinic where Ellen Carozza, who is a licensed veterinary technician, quickly fell in love with her. She took Winifred in as a foster, giving her special care.

“I was asked to take her on since all of my neonate work is with the highly complicated cases, I also have an incubator as well,” Ellen stated.

Ellen started to notice that whenever Winifred was happy, she’d stick her little tongue out. She loves to show off her little ‘blep’ as it’s affectionately known in the cat world whenever she’s content!

“She is a pro at sticking her tongue out! She did this since being a small baby and we laugh each time she still does it,” explained Ellen.

Winifred continued on sticking her tongue out as a kitten, and even does it now that she is an adult!

She definitely knows how to get herself some attention!

How entirely cute!

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