An Epic Treehouse for Your Fave Felines

We all know how cats want to climb. Even though they’re not remotely close to monkeys as species, they love climbing on stuff. They love spending time outside too, although their owners are divided by that questions. Some are willing to let their fur babies outside, others believe it’s far too dangerous.

Some, however, have found a way to keep cats occupied outside so they don’t wander off. Ever heard of ‘catios’? These indoor enclosures come in all shapes and sizes and are blazing-hot right now in the cat community. Many cat owners have reported that catios are the solution for cats wandering off outside, and we can’t disagree..

Hadley, a 21-old Reddit user, recently shared her dad’s DIY incredible catio. It’s a fantastic playground for their three cats which took about 20 hours to completed and costed around $350. Hadley’s dad says that he didn’t see it as labor – it was something made out of love.

Hadley says that safety was the biggest reason why her dad built the catio. Their cats wanted to spend time outside, so he decided to make it fun.

They kill a lot of time there now and never wander off. Do you like what you’re seeing?