Managed Feral Cat Colony in New York in Jeopardy Due to Urban Re-development

GREENPOINT, NEW YORK – Redevelopment in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn seems to be threatening the lives of the cats that take shelter in the area, caretakers say.


The constant construction in Greenpoint for what will be new housing and green space has many of the cats’ voluntary caretakers concerned for the futures of the stray felines that live in the area. They say the construction has and will continue to take a huge toll on all of these animals.

Jessica Sarter and her team of volunteers made it their duty to provide the cats with their basic necessities like food, water and shelter.

The caretakers aren’t opposed to this construction, but they do want developers to keep these stray cats in mind so that both the people and cats of Greenpoint can coexist in harmony.


All of the cats have been spayed and neutered, according to their caretakers.