Animal Lover Reveals How A Fur Coat May Help A Newborn Kitten Feel Comfort Without Mom!

Without having parents, sometimes life can become quite difficult and confusing for us humans. And the same absolutely goes for animals like the adorable kittens in the clip at the end.

When you have kittens that don’t get to grow up with their biological mothers, it’s very important to know and understand that they’ll need to feel comforted, even though you’re not their birth mother.

In this video clip, this kitty mom has gone ahead and shared a few tips and tricks to assist newborn kittens in feeling comfortable, loved, and able to grow without their real mommy around.

Everything from brushing them with a toothbrush to lying them in a bed of fur coats, many of these tips might shock you and even anger you. However, she swears they all seem to be working well for these kittens.

Have a look for yourself!

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