Cat Brings Snake as Replacement for the Earphone Cable she Chewed Through!

Kittens are adorable, but they can be quite clumsy. They don’t really know their strength and can destroy things their humans love so much. Just ask Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani. The Indonesian has a cute kitten who recently destroyed one of his earphone cables.

Of course, Haryanto wasn’t happy with what his cat did. He was angry to see the cable chewed and the headphones ruined. He scolded the kitten who was aware that she made a mistake. The tiny eight-month-old ran away and Haryanto thought that it was out of shame. However, the kitten had other things on mind. She actually went out to find a replacement cable!

Now, cats aren’t really familiar with electronics and cables. You probably know where this is going. Instead of bringing his owner brand new headphones, the kitten brought a SNAKE back home and dropped it right at Haryanto’s feet! No, that’s not a typo – the feline actually though that a snake could be a replacement cable! It’s equal parts hilarious and scary!

Haryanto took a picture of the kitten and snake and posted it online. Of course, the story and photo went viral – everyone loved how the kitten cared for her owner. Since then, Haryanto takes pics of the kitty’s everyday adventures and posts them on Facebook. She spends her days playing in the forest behind her house with her friends. Thankfully, she didn’t bring her owner another snake.

In 2018, another cat went viral after her owner took picks of her amused expression when she saw a snake for the first time. The cat was brought at a vet just like a pet snake waiting for an examination. As soon as the cat saw it, it made the cutest confused and hilarious facial expression we’ve ever seen. Check it out below.