Kitten Was Stuck in the Mud Before a Good Man Saved its Life

While taking a walk one day, a man passed a nearby pond and couldn’t believe what he saw. A tiny kitty was stuck in the mud unable to move, obviously frightened and struggling to find a way out. The man knew the poor kitty wasn’t going to survive, but if he went into the mud himself to get it out, he’d be stuck too.

Seeing a stick on the ground, a brilliant, yet risky idea had come to his mind. He thought that the cat would be able to climb on it and had to try it. To his surprise, the frightened kitty grabbed onto the stick and he was able to pull it out!

The rescuer then washed the kitty of the mud and gave it some food. It’s clear from the video that the scrawny kitten appreciates the help. We’re glad that there are still people willing to help animals in need left on Earth. As it turns out, not all heroes wear capes indeed.