This Cat Was Upset After Losing Her Babies -Then She Saw A Litter Of Puppies And Taking Care of Them

A kitty named Miss Kitty gave birth to a litter of kittens outside underneath a trailer in South Carolina. Sadly and unfortunately, the kittens did not make it for reasons unknown.

Simultaneously, Miss Kitty’s dog sibling, Smoochie, had also just given birth to her own babies. Sadly, Smoochie wanted nothing at all to do with her puppies at all. She wasn’t affectionate at all with them, and when they were hungry, she didn’t even offer to feed them.

When the Grant family arrived home one day, they noticed that five puppies were just – totally missing. As it turned out, Miss Kitty was bringing all of the puppies to her own little spot in the trailer and taking care of them. They then moved the cat and puppies to a much safer location.

Miss Kitty was actually nursed the puppies as if they were her own! Her owners thought it would be a wonderful idea to give Miss Kitty real kittens to take care of and they ended up airing the story on the news, asking people to give them a call if they knew of any stray kittens in need of a mother.

Someone did wind up finding two abandoned kittens and brought them right over to Miss Kitty. She gladly took them in right away, however, she still wouldn’t give up the puppies. She took such great care of them by feeding them and grooming them.

She was a wonderful mama cat, in every sense of those two words!

Watch her inspiring story right here!

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