Couple Spotted This Creature Cowering On The Side Of A Busy, Rainy Road and …

A couple of good Samaritans were just driving along the road when suddenly they came across a little kitten along the side of the road. He was just about hanging on, and things weren’t looking so good.

He was completely drenched in rainwater and was absolutely filthy. According to his rescuers, if they had rescued him any later, even by just a few minutes, he surely would not have made it.

“The rain could have robbed him of his life,” stated the one rescuer.

The immediately scooped him up, wiped the filth off, and then went to the vet. On the way over there, he fell asleep in the one rescuer’s hand for a much-needed nap.

Once at the vet’s, he was treated for an upper respiratory infection.

Each and every day he began to look better and better. His eyes became clearer, and he was definitely on the path to health.

Within just a few weeks time, the little guy had doubled his weight and was eating well and using his litter box like a pro.
No one could believe the drastic change.

The little kitten soon became more and more playful and even more vocal. His new humans, the same people who rescued him, couldn’t have been happier.

Over time, something strange began to happen to the little guy.

His coat, which had once been a medium length at the time of his rescue, began to get much longer, and his tail fluffed up, and he began to grow some ear tufts. He was looking more and more different each and every day.

Seemingly overnight, his furry fluffy coat grew longer and fluffier than before, and even a later of white undercoat began to grow under his neck like a lion’s mane.

As his coat grew thicker, the more grey it became.

This creature who was literally knocking on Heaven’s door was transformed into one of the most beautiful cats you could ever hope to see!

His humans were shocked at his change but were surprised in a good way.

Talk about your diamond in the rough!