UPDATE: The “Exotic” Kitten Found in Indiana Barn Month – VIDEO!

CENTER POINT, INDIANA – You may remember this tiny exotic kitten.

Back in April no one was sure what kind of cats they were or if it would even both survive.

One of them did not make it.

Fast forward almost a month and Jean Herrberg with the Exotic Feline Rescue Center states he’s doing just great.

“He has grown from 2.2 ounces to 10.7 which is a tremendous gain,” Herrberg stated.

This kitten has been determined to be a Bengal cat mix, which makes it part Asian leopard cat and part domestic.

“We know that there was a lady in the neighborhood where he was found that had two male Bengals,” Herrberg stated. “And she said they were escape artists. So that makes us think that they probably mated with a domestic and this is the result.”

That being said, Bengal cats including this kitten, can technically live in your home as a pet.

“All of the little cats, the bobcats, the servals, the lynx, they aren’t necessarily dangerous if they’ve been raised as pets,” Herrberg explained. “But the downside is once they mature they will mark everything in your house and that’s when people start getting rid of them.”

But as this little guy continues to eat, sleep and grow up healthy, Herrberg says he won’t have to worry about finding a new home.

That’s because they plan to keep him around!

“We’ll gradually see how he adapts to other cats,” Herrberg stated. “He may grow up and think he’s human. I don’t know!”

Showing his new exotic family members, even though he might be a bit smaller, he’s still part of the pack.

The kitten gets a visit from the vet once each week.

He has not yet been named!