Cat Puts Everything He Can Find Around The House Into The Trash

Cats are known to be a**holes who don’t really care about anything but themselves. They can go through trash and spread it across their owners’ homes, but that’s not the case with Pieru the cat. When he was young, Pieru was just like any other cat, knocking things off flat surfaces.

His escapades were harmless and funny, but Pieru’s owner was fed up with the cat just knocking things at will. He never could get him off the table, and now, the cat has found himself a new hobby thanks to the trash bin right beneath it.

One day, Pieru’s owner lost a pen and surprisingly found it in the bin. He couldn’t remember that he threw it away, but remember that Pieru was very amused by the sound the bin makes. The clever cat realized that knocking things in it would result in his favorite sound, so he began to do it constantly.

Whenever Pieru’s owner Reif loses something, she finds it in the bin. She always double checks it before throwing away the trash, since the cat doesn’t pay attention to what he knocks into in. So far, scissors, pens, the remote, a salt shaker, and other items have been among the ‘victims’.

The cat doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he enjoys the sound of throwing things in the bin. He’s pretty self-confident about it, and according to Reif, he does it with a smile on his face. An eco-woke cat – who would have thought?