Cat’s Jaw Broken but You’ll Never Guess Where it Happened…

ROWAN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. – A state investigation is currently underway after a cat is found bloody with a broken jaw.

The worst part of this situation is, he suffered these injuries while in the care of a local animal shelter.

The animal had been at the Rowan County Animal Shelter, and Friday, it was in Charlotte getting the emergency help it needed. The cat went home with it’s foster mom. And now there is a state investigation looking into just what happened to him.

Foster mom, Debbie Orbison, said, “I was irate. I had seen him healthy and beautiful, then she sent me photos with blood dripping out– those photos all over social media. My initial reaction was we have to get him some help; he can’t suffer like this.”

One-year-old Cooper the cat was brought to the Carolinas Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic where Dr. Margarita Gleason says his jaw was fractured in two places.

“I’d like to think the people in the business of animal care have the best interest of the animal in mind– I don’t want to think someone would do this deliberately, that would break my heart,” said Dr. Gleason.

“I feel sorry for him, but know now he will be taken care of, he will never be hurt again, I will promise you that. Cooper will be fine, his story will hopefully help other animals,” said Oribson.

Rowan County will be paying for the medical treatment and an employee is on paid leave. Rowan County Manager Aaron Church released a statement that said, “Rowan County is deeply saddened to hear that an animal received injuries while at our shelter.”

Thankfully, Cooper is now recovering from surgery.