Cat Needs Place To Give Birth, Then Pregnant Dog Shares Her Space So She Can Safely Give Birth

We all know that cats and dogs supposedly hate each other, but some dogs and cats seem to get well quite along in the same household. If you raise them together, they will become friends, but it rarely happens in the wild. This video, however, will show you it’s possible. The video shows a cat who’s looking for a pot to give birth, and a pregnant dog which shares her own space so they cat can feel safe.

The dog was given a doghouse by a man who found her pregnant outside. He immediately made a small doghouse where the dog would feel safe from the cold and rain. However, when the man went back to check up on the dog, he couldn’t expect this big a surprise. Both animals were resting with their pups and kittens in the doghouse.

It seems that the pregnant dog allowed the cat mama to enter the doghouse and give birth to her litter safely. The man took a video of the animals, and it has won the hearts of millions of people online.

“How cool – the little dog gave birth to healthy pups on the first of September, and a week later, the cat entered the doghouse and gave birth to a litter of kitties,” the main in the video said.

The poor cat was obviously looking for a safe place to give birth, and the dog certainly welcomed her. “Some people may think I’m lying, but no one put the kitties inside. There are 3 pups and 4 kittens – it’s like a maternity ward in there! Best of all, both the dog and cat don’t mind each other’s presence,” the man said.

Even though cats and dogs are supposed to hate each other’s guts, this video is proof that it’s not like that. Take a look at the new moms – they’re both happy and look adorable with their babies!